"Chances never get lost. The one you fail be used of others."

International Trading & Project Management is an international and regional operation agency in Germany to provide individual support and service in local and global business. Our goal is building up a relationship between worldwide acting business partners for continuous businesses. The philosophy is to increase a constant exchange of interests, businesses and ideas between global and regional lobbies, i.e. sellers, buyers, producers, investors and all kind of parties.

"I´m checking every offer. It could be the offer of my life." Henry Ford (1863-1947), americ. Industrialist

You will be a customer or supplier in our international pool of business opportunities. The globalisation is moving too fast to notice all changes in social systems, financial markets, regulations and chances of profit. For this reason, a continuous exchange of ideas and experience is necessary.

"If you understand everything, you must be misinformed." from Japan

Although the internet is a most important tool in worldwide operating, we are not just a B2B internet "byte-exchange". All interesting and earning businesses procured to promote relationship and confidence to profit from synergies.

"You can divide people into three kinds. Those, who are unmovable, Those, who are movable and those, who are moving!" arabic saying